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Intuition: The Path to Inner Wisdom

Einstein, Patricia

 In the introduction Einstein, who is an intuition trainer/counselor, notes that "more people seem to be seeking more enlightened answers to address everything from day-to-day issues of relationships and job situations to the larger questions such as finding more direction, meaning, and purpose in life" (p. xvii). She also observes that people are using more nontraditional approaches because traditional logic is not providing answers. Many experts are offering a multitude of advice and counsel, but this makes it difficult for people to choose. Einstein’s book is about how to make the right choice regardless of the situation. It is about intuition, which she defines as an "inner awareness and a sense of knowing that is outside the realm of logical thought," adding that "it possesses a wonderful flowing logic all its own" (p. 11). Her book is about learning to tap your intuition, and she works with the assumption that each person has his/her own path and their own unique ways of discovering it. There is no path that is "right" for everyone. Each person must find their own. At base, Einstein views intuition itself as a path, one "that lets your answers evolve from a clearer and higher perspective, as you work on your intuitive ability and continue to evolve your awareness" (p. xix). Thus, she sees intuition as taking a person deeper into what we call the EHE process rather than as another method of gratifying the ego’s needs. The bulk of the book consists of 56 exercises one can do, along with a rationale and actual examples taken from her own or other people’s lives. She provides guidelines for assessing progress and for finding and staying on the path. Throughout her advice is sound and deeply insightful. This book could serve as a good guide for helping people to use intuition to increase their understanding of the meaning of any exceptional experiences they may have had.
Publisher Information:Rockport, MA: Element, 1997. Pp. xxiii + 221
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