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Transformations of Consciousness: Conventional and Contemplative Perspectives on Development

Wilber, Ken, Engler, Jack, & Brown, Daniel P.

 Anthology on the use of exercises of consciousness for self-development combining techniques drawn from the Eastern religions and Western psychotherapy. Various pathways to contemplative development are discussed. The model of human growth and development set forth here provides a more comprehensive and integrated view than traditional Western texts alone. At the higher stages the contemplative disciplines lead the standard Western tradition. In the Introduction, Wilber, Engler, and Brown point out that they emphasize three aspects of human growth: the various stages of development, the corresponding levels of possible disease or pathology, and the appropriate therapeutic treatment modalities for these pathologies. The book is very useful for the various attempts at classifying these developmental stages. There are nine chapters in addition to a useful, even enlightening, introduction. They are "Therapeutic Aims in Psychotherapy and Meditation" by Jack Engler, "Psychiatric Complications of Meditation Practice" by Mark Epstein and Jonathan Lieff, "The Spectrum of Development" by Ken Wilber, "The Spectrum of Psychopathology" by Ken Wilber, "Treatment Modalities" by Ken Wilber, "The Stages of Mindfulness Meditation: A Validation Study. Part I: Study and Results" by Daniel Brown and Jack Engler, "The Stages of Mindfulness Meditation: A Validation Study. Part II: Discussion" by Daniel Brown and Jack Engler, "The Stages of Meditation in Cross-Cultural Perspective" by Daniel Brown, and "Developmental Stages in Eastern Orthodox Christianity" by John Chirban.
Publisher Information:Boston, MA: Shambhala, 1986. 356p. Bibliography: 325-343; Chap notes; 10 figs; Ind: 345-356; 12 tables
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