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Human Development/Consciousness Evolution
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The Web of the Universe: Jung, the "New Physics" and Human Spirituality

Hitchcock, John

 The author, who is a physicist, in the introduction to Part I, Science and Spirituality, explores the relationship of Jungian psychology to science. Chapter I is about spirituality defined in terms of both Jung and physics; thus, "spirituality means the refinement of spirit-matter" (p. 3). In Part II, "Consciousness: The Condition for Spirituality," waking up is seen as becoming more conscious. This is viewed as an infinite process. The third chapter is entitled "Consciousness and the Moral Dimensions," and Hitchcock advocates carrying opposites consciously, modeled after Jung's Answer to Job. Part III, "The Path," is on the dynamics of spirituality, or the search for the hidden center via the opposites (six chapters). The last one, Chapter 9, brings in Prigogine's work on "irreversible" and "far-from-equilibrium" processes. Hitchcock writes: "With these he is able to explain involutions as awakening to a new coherence and awareness of wider, more subtle, fields. The latter is a good criterion of spirituality, though not the only one. We can show the evolution of spiritual beings as a series of evolutionary involutions" (p. 5). The last part consists of a single chapter entitled "Theonomy: The Self-Integration of Freedom and Consciousness in the Cosmos." Hitchcock posits "an internal, self-revealing Other" which is "consistent with the concept of spirit-matter as Godstuff, and of the evolutionary process as Godding" (p. 5).
Publisher Information:New York: Paulist Press, 1991. 243p. Bibl: 233-237; Chap. bibl; 24 figs; Index: 238-243
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