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Parapsychology in General
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Current Trends in Psi Research: Proceedings of an International Conference Held in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 13-1 4, 1984

Shapin, Betty, & Coly, Lisette (Eds.).

 The 10 authors in the 33rd Parapsychology Foundation proceedings dealt with a wide-ranging number of topics connected by the thread that these were the subjects on which the participants were working at the time of the conference. R.L. Morris spoke on human factors and the role of psi in human-equipment interactions. Sybo Schouten dealt with the quantitative analysis of spontaneous experiences and methods of testing various hypotheses to explain the characteristics observed. W.G. Roll took a systems-theoretical approach to psi. Daniel J Benor reviewed research in psychic healing and Carlos Alvarado surveyed research on OBEs for the period 1980-1984. Jeffrey Mishlove surveyed psi applications, and Keith Hearne covered lucid dreaming and psi research. Michael Grosso contributed a theoretical paper on ‘Psi, Near-Death, Mind at Large: Some Possible Connections," and Debra Weiner discussed psi errors as a clue to the boundary of psi functioning. John Palmer reviewed some common elements in criticisms of parapsychology. This Parapsychology Foundation proceedings provides a good slice of parapsychological research and thinking. The papers all represent the sort of thinking and research that make up the contemporary scene in parapsychology.
Publisher Information:New York: Parapsychology Foundation, 1986. 282p. Chapter references; 3 figures; 1 illustration; 3 tables
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