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Shamanism/Indigenous Peoples
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Mutant Message: Downunder

Morgan, Marlo

 This presumed autobiography speaks from and to the eternal in us as do Castaneda’s works. It is by an American woman doctor who went to Australia to help set up a health organization. She was called (unbeknownst to her) to go on a "walkabout" of 3 months across the Australian desert with the "Real People," an Aboriginal tribe that had been forced to live there where no whites went or could live. They were first people, having been there from the beginning, learning how to take from and give reverently from/to all forms of life. They had chosen Morgan as the "mutant" (their word for whites, who branched off from the original stock they represented) and moved as far from the Real People’s Constant knowledge of the oneness of all things as their skin had changed in color. All her belongings were destroyed and she learned their way of life, which proved to be wondrous. She learned she had been chosen by them to deliver their message to the whites. They had chosen not to reproduce, for the dying back of life forms in the desert where only they had been able to survive made it no longer possible for them to exist. They wanted her to carry their message of the oneness of life to the whites so that they might stop destroying Earth and everything living before it is too late. Hence, this Mutant Message. There is a reincarnation sub-theme, for the tribal leader and Morgan were twin souls who had chosen to meet again in this life at age 50—they shared the same moment/date of birth.
Publisher Information:Lees Summit, MO: The Author, 1991. 188p. 12 figs
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