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Soulmaker: True Stories From the Far Side of the Psyche

Grosso, Mike

 In the Introduction, Whitley Strieber notes that the task of life is soul-making and through exceptional experiences of all sorts we come to see that we are one. Grosso says the book is "about exploring the boundaries of soul," or soulmaking, which he feels is aided by "opening up to the 'feminine'" (p. 4). Yet we are taught soullessness. He describes the many types of exceptional experiences he has had that have acquainted him with soul: dreams, mystical experience, drug-induced experience, OBEs, Marian apparitions, UFO encounters, encounters with the holy (e.g., Padre Pio), precognitive dreams, incubus, a haunted house, and other experiences suggestive of survival. In an important final chapter, he discusses the evolutionary significance of soulmaking and offers suggestions for encouraging the process. He concludes: "So telling tales about psychic anomalies is no idle pastime. The purpose in this book is to recover the forgotten dimensions of our souls. We live in challenging times, and a new consciousness is struggling to emerge. This new consciousness sees itself in the vanguard of evolution. We must evolve, say the new visionaries, or perish. Life, they say, demands a new vision of itself—of its future. For life has entered a new kind of danger zone. To pass beyond it we have to pass beyond egoism to soulfulness, beyond tribal to cosmic consciousness. For this we need to build a new society of soulmakers. The deeper we all descend into our souls, the easier it will be for us to rise together. As Heraclitus said long ago: 'The way up and the way down are one and the same' " (p. 149). I am encouraging people to write EHE autobiographies. In effect, this is what Michael Grosso has given us.
Publisher Information:Norfolk, VA: Hampton Roads, 1992. 149p
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