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Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature

Abrams, Jeremiah, & Zweig, Connie (Eds.).

 This collection of essays is about the advancement of psychological integration by coming to terms with one's shadow, and in regard to groups—even nations—with the collective shadow. The 65 selections that comprise the book were originally published elsewhere. The editors contribute an overall Introduction, introductions to each section, and an Epilogue. Part I contains 7 chapters on "What Is the Shadow?"; Part II, "Shadow-Making," has 4 selections; Part 3, "Shadow-Boxing," has 4; Part 4, "The Disowned Body," has 5; Part 5, "The Shadow of Achievement," has 6; Part 6, "Meeting Darkness on the Path," has 8; Part 7, "Devils, Demons, and Scapegoats," has 6; Part 8, "Enemy-Making," has 9; Part 9, "Shadow-Work," has 8; and Part 10, "Owning Your Dark Side Through Insight, Art, and Ritual," has 8 chapters.
Publisher Information:Los Angeles, CA: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1991. 333p. Bibl: 315-321; Chap. bibl: 306-314
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