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Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence

Savary, Louis M., & Berne, Patricia H.

 Although not a new book, Kything merits some attention in Exceptional Human Experience. Kything, a term coined by novelist Madeleine L’Engle, is a spiritual art and technology that enables a person "to release spiritual energy" as a "unique, creative expression of yourself and what is most important to you" (p. 2). Beyond physical and mental presence the authors posit a "soul-to-soul or spirit-to-spirit presence among humans," which they view as a form of communion, which can extend beyond death. Kything is of Scots origin and means making your spirit manifest to another. This is a very practical handbook on an essentially practical subject. There are chapters on how to kythe, how to practice kything, and questions and answers. A section is devoted to "Kything and the Physical," including the body, self-healing, and helping to heal others. In a section on "Kything and the Psychological," there are chapters on what kything isn’t, kything and psychology, kything as a form of psychological support, and on kything and love. In a section on "Kything and the Spiritual," there are chapters relating kything to spiritual energies, self-affirmation, courage, forgiveness, compassion, commitment, discernment, cosmic consciousness, animals, flowers, plants, and trees. The final section, "Kything and the Sacred," contains chapters on kything and Christianity, the communion of saints, and liturgy. In an appendix on where and when kything happens, the authors suggest it takes place in Buber’s "Realm of Between," another state of consciousness that embraces both the experiencer and the "other" he or she is relating to, whether it be a person, animal, plant, or the divine. It is a state of "unconditional loving openness" (p. 207) and it transcends space and time. It is a state where EHEs often happen. In fact, it appears that kything is a form of exceptional human experience.
Publisher Information:New York: Paulist Press, 1988. 208p. 1 table
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