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Books on Parapsychology for Young People

Beyond Time and Matter: A Sensory Look at ESP. by Klein, Aaron E.
D.D. Home: The Man Who Talked With Ghosts. by Edmonds, I.G.
ESP. by Aylesworth, Thomas G.
ESP: The New Technology. by Cohen, Daniel
ESP: The Search Beyond the Senses. by Cohen, Daniel
ESP: Your Psychic Powers and How to Test Them. by Akins, W.R.
Ghostly Animals. by Cohen, Daniel
Ghosts. by Lambert, David (Jaqui Bailey, Ed.).
Ghosts and Poltergeists. by Williams, Gurney, III
Haunted Houses. by Kettelkamp, Larry
How to Find a Ghost. by Deem, James M.
How to Test Your ESP. by Cohen, Daniel
In Search of Ghosts. by Cohen, Daniel
Investigating Psychics: Five Life Histories. by Kettelkamp, Larry
Mischievous Ghosts: The Poltergeist and PK. by Kettelkamp, Larry
On ESP. by Curtis, Robert H.
PK: Mind Over Matter. by Feola, Jose
Poltergeists: Hauntings and the Haunted. by Knight, David C.
Possible Impossibilities: A Look at Parapsychology. by Hall, Elizabeth
Psychic Detectives. by Rudley, Stephen
Psychic Phenomena. by Heaps, Willard A.
Psychic Stories Strange but True. by Atkinson, Linda
Real Ghosts. by Cohen, Daniel
Seances & Spiritualists. by Andreae, Christine
Second Sight: People Who Read the Future. by Edmonds, I.G.
Sixth Sense. by Kettelkamp, Larry
Spoon-Bending and Other Impossible Feats. by Aylesworth, Thomas G.
The Encyclopedia of Ghosts. by Cohen, Daniel
The Ghost Hunters. by Myers, Arthur
The Ghostly Register: Haunted Dwellings—Active Spirits: A Journey to America's Strangest Landmarks.. by Myers, Arthur
The Girls Who Talked to Ghosts: The Story of Katie and Margaretta Fox. by Edmonds, I.G.
The Haunting of America: Ghost Stories from Our Past. by Anderson, Jean
The Psychic Scene. by Ebon, Martin (Ed.).
The Supernatural: From ESP to UFOS. by Berger, Melvin
The World of the Unknown: All About Ghosts. by Maynard, Christopher
The World's Most Famous Ghosts. by Cohen, Daniel
What's New in ESP. by Ebon, Martin
Young Ghosts. by Cohen, Daniel

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