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Death-Related Experiences
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Transformed by the Light: The Powerful Effect of Near-Death Experiences on People’s Lives

Morse, Melvin, with Perry, Paul

 This is Morse’s second book which is too important not to review, in spite of its date. Emphasis is placed, as title and subtitle suggest, on the aftereffects of NDEs. This is a report of research written for the general reader. The research was designed and conducted by Shannon Greer under Morse’s supervision. It is called both the "Seattle Study" and "The Transformations Study." It was designed to answer the question: "Are there transformative effects from the near-death experience that can be documented"? The questions asked, some illustrative cases, and summaries of various findings are given in the text. The heart of the study is in the appendix where the data are presented. A total of 350 adults participated, 100 NDEers and the rest served as controls. Three hours of tests and interviews were administered in each case: the Ellsworth Profile of Adaptation to Life Survey; a lifestyle profile; a complete medical and psychiatric history; a religious and spiritual profile; essay questions and rating scales; The Greyson Value Survey; The Greyson Near-Death Validity Scale; The Templer Death Anxiety Scale; a family bonding and rating scale; the Reker-Peacock Life Attitude Profile; the Greyson Negative Near-Death Experience Inventory; the Neppe Subjective Paranormal Events Questionnaire; and the Neppe Temporal Lobe Sensitivity Inventory. Basically, the study showed that NDErs are healthier and exhibit fewer psychosomatic complaints; they are happier, maintain strong family ties, evidence more zest for life, and possess a greatly diminished fear of death. Most of them experience an increase in psychic ability following their NDE. As a result of the study Morse presents a new theory of brain/mind interaction.
Publisher Information:New York: Ivy Books, 1992. 265p. Bibl: 257-265
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