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Archetypal Process: Self and Divine in Whitehead, Jung, and Hillman

Griffin, David Ray. (Ed.)

 This provocative volume is an outgrowth of a conference aimed at connecting process theology based on Whitehead’s philosophy and the archetypal psychology of James Hillman—in turn an outgrowth of Jungian psychology. Additional essays were written specifically for the book. The format of the conference was dialogical, with some papers being responses to others, and with the original authors replying to their respondents. In essence, the contributions are concerned with archetypes and the proper use of language and theory to deal with them. The range and depth of the contributions is evident from the contents: Introduction. Archetypal Psychology and Process Philosophy: Complementary Postmodern Movements, by David Ray Griffin; Jung and Whitehead on Self and Divine: The Necessity for Symbol and Myth, by Gerald H. Slusser; The Necessity for Symbol and Myth: A Literary Amplification, by J’nan Morse Sellery; Inspiration and Creativity: An Extension, by Gerald H. Slusser; Once More: The Cavern Beneath the Cave, by Stanley R. Hopper; Eternal Objects and Archetypes, Past and Depth: A Response to Stanley Hopper, by John B. Cobb, Jr.; Language as Metaphorical: A Reply to John Cobb, by Stanley R. Hopper; Psychocosmetics and the Underworld Connection, by Catherine Keller; Psychocosmetics: A Jungian Response, by Robert L. Moore; Reconnecting: A Reply to Robert Moore, by Catherine Keller; The Mystique of the Nonrational and a New Spirituality, by James W. Heisig; Imaginal Soul and Ideational Spirit: A Response to James Heisig, by Charles E. Winquist; A Riposte, by James W. Heisig; Back to Beyond: On Cosmology, by James Hillman; Back of "Back to Beyond" and Creeping Dichotomism, by Edward S. Casey; A Metaphysical Psychology to Un-Locke Our Ailing World, by David Ray Griffin, and Responses, by James Hillman.
Publisher Information:Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1989. 290p. Chap. notes: 269-284; Index: 285-290
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