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Spontaneous Psi Phenomena
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Case Studies in Parapsychology: Papers Presented in Honor of Dr. Louisa E. Rhine at a Conference Held on November 12, 1983 at Bryan University Center, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Rao, K. Ramakrishna (Ed.)

 This volume provides an overview of the field work in case studies involving parapsychological experiences. The editor provides a tribute to L.E. Rhine and her work, especially her investigations of spontaneous psi experiences and the nature of the psi process. One of Dr. Rhine's daughters, Sally Rhine Feather, provides a biographical sketch of Louisa Rhine entitled "Something Different." It emphasizes the period from her early years through the years of young motherhood. Debra H. Weiner and JoMarie Haight contributed "Charting Hidden Channels: Louisa E. Rhine's Case Collection Project," which reviews Rhine's case studies and discusses the questions and controversies raised by her work. Sybo A. Schouten's "A Different Approach for Analyzing Spontaneous Cases with Particular Reference to the Study of Louisa E. Rhine's Case Collection" contrasts the model of the psi process based on his studies of spontaneous cases and those of L.E. Rhine. In "Recurrent and Nonrecurrent Psi Effects," W.G. Roll examines L.E. Rhine's study of spontaneous cases of macro-PK in relation to poltergeist and haunting cases. K.R. Rao contributed "L.E. Rhine on Psi and Its Place," which surveys the thinking of both J.B. and L.E. Rhine on the nature of psi. In "Apparitions Old and New," Karlis Osis reviews what is known about the nature of apparitions. The present status of and future research on reincarnation-type cases is the subject of a paper by Emily Williams Cook. D. Scott Rogo reviews what is presently known about out-of-body experiences (OBEs). H. Kanthamani provides a bibliography of L.E. Rhine's works that is arranged by year with the first a botanical article published in 1924 and the last her biography of her husband, J.B. Rhine, Something Hidden, which was published in 1983.
Publisher Information:Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1986. 130p. Bibl: 120-126; Chap bibls; Ind: 127-130
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