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Dream Telepathy: Experiments in Nocturnal ESP (2nd ed.).

Ullman, Montague, & Krippner, Stanley, with Alan Vaughan

 The first edition of this book went to press the same time that Sources did, so it missed being included in that volume. This second edition almost suffered the same fate! It is an important volume for the general public as well as for scholars. It describes the history of ESP in dreams, beginning with Cicero, but the bulk of the work is devoted to reports of the dream telepathy experiments conducted by lJllman and Krippner at the Dream Laboratory of the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn over a 10-year period. Part I has four chapters on spontaneous telepathic dreams, including one on dreams during psychotherapy. Part II consists of 11 reports of dream experiments with the emphasis on the Maimon ides research. The third section presents theoretical implications. The first edition comprised the foregoing chapters plus three appendices, only one of which (Erwin’s Nocturnal Tour of the French Quarter—William Erwin was a star subject in the Maimonides experiments was repeated in the second edition. All of the older material has been amended and updated. One of the new appendices is The Psychology and Anomalous Observations: The Question of ESP in Dreams," an article by Irvin L. Child reprinted from the American Psychologist. He reviews psychologists’ treatment of reports of the Maimonides dream experiments. It serves as a response to criticisms of the first edition and articles describing the dream experiments. Appendix C, "ESP in Dreams: Comments on a Replication ‘Failure’ by the ‘Failing’ Subject," is Robert L. Van de Castle’s account of his participation as a subject in an attempted repetition of the Maimonides experiments at the University of Wyoming, which failed. (Van de Castle had also been a star subject in the Maimonides research.) The last appendix is "A Group Approach to the Anomalous Dream" by Montague Uliman. Ullman presents his general approach to dreams, and he emphasizes the importance of the metaphorical transform in dreams. In particular, he describes the experiential dream group as a psi facilitating system.
Publisher Information:Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1989. 234p. Chapter references; 21 illustrations; Index.
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