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Religion and Parapsychology
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Old and New Evidence on the Meaning of Life: The Mystical World-View and Inner Contest. Volume I. An Introduction to Scientific Mysticism

Whiteman, J.H.M.

 The author, both a mathematician and a mystic, in this work attempts to systematize the inner world and the mystical life. Part I, "The Groundwork of Mystical and Psychical Awareness," contains three chapters that provide a classification of the inner life (or the nonphysical domain), set forth three foundational skills used in developing the inner life, and four creative functions which operate cyclically, and present a practical method for objectively evaluating any stabilized nonphysical experience on a six-point scale or "Index of Reality." Part II, "Varieties of `Other-World' Experience: Beyond Personality" consists of five chapters that classify separation experiences and describe the first stages of a method of detachment called "objectification of influences." Part III, "Attainment and Teachings of the Mystical Life," consists of three chapters dealing with the difficulties in the description of mystical states and with states of mystical transformation. Part IV, "The Mystical Structure of Psychology and Theoretical Physics," consists of three chapters in which Whiteman presents "the answers provided by modern theoretical physics to problems of mind-matter dualism" (p. 243), expands on the classification of the four-fold cycle of creative functions, and describes the mystical significance of spatial perceptions, including experiences of ESP.
Publisher Information:Gerrards Cross, England: Colin Smythe, 1986. 267p. Chapter notes; 3 figures; Name index: 255-257; Subject index: 259-267
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