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Therapeutic Touch Inner Workbook: Ventures in Transpersonal Healing

Krieger, Dolores

 This is not only an important guide to therapeutic touch for professionals; it is of considerable interest to those interested in therapeutic touch (TT), and beyond that, nursing as a calling. This book is as much about the self as it is about therapeutic touch. The author shares herself, both personally, professionally, and as subject. She adopts the Hindu view of the chakras as the theoretical basis of her explication: Jeanne Achterberg says this was a life-changing book for her. In the Introduction, Krieger presents a guided imagery for prospective healers dealing with why they want to be healers. Chapter I is on the humanization of energy, including instructions on the all-important practice of "being present" when healing. The next chapter is on "The Set and Setting of Therapeutic Touch," followed by one on "Centers of Human Consciousness." All three contain exercises in the exploration of the self. The other chapters are entitled "The Reality of the Chakras," "Prana: The Energy That Helps Us Heal," "Therapeutic Touch as a Different Kind of Intelligence," "Dynamic Features of the Therapeutic Touch Process," "The Natural Therapeutic Touch Connection," and "Therapeutic Touch as a Social Force." In all, she presents 15 exercises in the Exploration of Self and other guided imagery. This book offers not only a theoretical explanation and physical description of TT but a phenomenological one. The book also contains three very important appendices: A. Suggestions for Analyzing Your Inner Work Journal, B. Hospitals and Health Facilities Where Therapeutic Touch is Practiced (11 pages of 2 columns), and C, Schools Where Therapeutic Touch is Taught (9 pages of 2 columns). Very impressive. This should be the guide book of the project of transcendence known as therapeutic touch for some time to come.
Publisher Information:Santa Fe, NM: Bear, 1997. Pp. xviii-205. Bibl: 199-200; 8 figs; Glossary: 196-198; Index: 201-204; 3 tables
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