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Spontaneous Psi Phenomena
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ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Parapsychologist’s Handbook

Auerbach, Loyd

 Written in a popular style, this handbook is aimed at persons who have had or want to know more about psi experiences—hauntings, apparitions, and poltergeists, in particular. It attempts to inform readers as to how parapsychologists conduct scientific investigations and what they have learned about these experiences, their forms, why they occur, and what can be done about them. There are five sections. The first is about the parapsychological approach to psi experiences in the field and in the laboratory. The second section presents views of psi taken by various mass media—films, radio, literature, and television. The third describes actual cases, some well known, some investigated by the author or other parapsychologists, and some cases highlighted by the media (e.g., the Amityville Horror). Section Four tells the reader how he or she can handle a reported psi experience—one's own or someone else's. It attempts to show "how to differentiate between a paranormal experience and a 'normal' one that's been misinterpreted, and how to bring the situation under control, to understand and live with or stop the phenomenon" (p. 10). The last section consists of several appendices: A list of questions to ask in looking into a case; an annotated listing of reputable parapsychological research centers and organizations and parapsychologists associated with them; a bibliography of books, magazines, and newspaper articles arranged by subject and aimed at the general reader; and two sets of survey questions for the reader to answer and send to researchers.
Publisher Information:New York: Warner Books, 1986. 463p. 2 questionnaires; Suggestions for Further Reading: 443-456
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