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Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features and Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder

Ross, Colin A.

 This is a revised and expanded edition of Multiple Personality Disorder that Ross published in 1989. The change in title reflects the substantial rise of interest in dissociation and dissociative disorders in the past decade, including MPD. The book is aimed at professional who treat dissociative identity disorder (DID), but anyone interested in the further reaches of mind could profit from it. Ross’s style is neither to write down or write up to his readers. It is to enlighten, in the sense of shedding light. For example, there is the following lucid observation on DID: "I believe, based on my clinical experience and the existing research evidence, that DID is quite common and that dissociation is a common feature of many other psychiatric disorders, just as anxiety and depression occur in many illnesses that are not primarily anxiety or mood disorders. DID can teach the general psychiatrist a great deal about mental illness" (p. vii). Part One presents the history of DID. The second section contains 10 chapters on "Diagnosis and Clinical Features of Dissociative Identity Disorder," including one on skeptical criticisms of DID. The last part consists of 13 chapters on treatment of DID, general and specific. There are three useful appendices: A—The Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule—DSMIV version; B—Therapist Dissociative Checklist, and C—Dissociative Disorders Unit Master Treatment Plan. The relevance of DID to exceptional human experience is considerable. Many people have used their ability to dissociate in order to cope with exceptional (anomalous) experiences. However, by reweaving a new account that includes the exceptional experience in an authentic way, a more active positive adaptation to life can be made.
Publisher Information:New York: Wiley, 1997. Author Ind: 441-444; Bibl: 416-440; Subject Ind: 445-452
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