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Angels: The Role of Celestial Guardians and Beings of Light (Toby McCormick, Trans.)

Giovetti, Paola

 This collection of traditional and anecdotal accounts of exceptional experiences involving angels is by an Italian psychical researcher. It is aimed at a popular readership, but persons interested in the phenomenology of angelic encounter can gain some insights from reading it. Part I consists of historic accounts of angels described in eight chapters: Angels in Religious Tradition; Celestial Hierarchies; Lucifer, the Fallen Angel; Angels and the Pope; The Angels of Mystics and Saints; Emanuel Swedenborg's Angels; Beings of Light; and The Angel in Us. Part II consists of more contemporaneous accounts presented in eight additional chapters: Angels and Spirits of Nature; Angelic Rescues, An Angelic Quest; St. Thomas Aquinas and the Guardian Angels; The Angel Motif in Art; Two Interviews About Angels; The Bicameral Mind and the Capacity to Listen to the Gods; and An Angelic Fairytale. The narratives are drawn not only from Italy and Europe but from American researchers such as Raymond Moody and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. The author found writing the book to be an exceptional human experience; she felt regret when it was finished, and she could no longer work on it. She writes that collecting the angel narratives gave her a sense of peace and joy. She also notes that many of the accounts included came her way by synchronicity and serendipity—she was very surprised she was able to collect so many. I cite this because there seem to be two benefits of working with EHEs—immersing oneself in them can elevate one's normal state and something larger than the ego seems to be involved in locating relevant data.
Publisher Information:York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, 1993. 252p. Bibl: 249-252; 11 figs; 40 illus (Original work published in Italian in 1989)
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