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The Occult in the Western World: An Annotated Bibliography

Kies, Cosette N.

 The aim of this work is to provide a degree of bibliographic control of books on the occult. Emphasis is placed on the occult as it is viewed today, although a number of classic, historic works are also included. Annotations range from 1 to 6 sentences in length, and average 2. There are 13 main headings: "General Works on the Occult" (broken down into 9 form categories such as bibliographies, library catalogs, biographies, etc.); "Traditional Witchcraft and Satanism" (broken down by form and geographically); "Modern Witchcraft and Satanism" (broken into 3 groups: General overviews, Favorable (Advocacy) Approaches, and Anti-Witchcraft Works); "Magic and the Hermetic Arts" (broken into 8 subcategories, mainly by subject, e.g., Gypsy Lore, Alchemy, Numerology, I Ching); "Secret Societies, Exotic Religions, and Mysticism" (grouped in 6 areas mainly by subject, e.g., Druids and Druidism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, etc.); "Psychics and Psychical Research" (8 categories: Reference Sources, General Works, Out-of-the Body Experiences, Psychokinesis, Clairvoyance and Dowsing, Auras and the Kirlian Effect, Telepathy, and Altered States of Consciousness); "Ghosts, Poltergeists, and Hauntings" (a general, and 3 geographic categories); "Primitive Magic and Beliefs" (General, African, Santeria); "Myths, Legends, and Folklore" (General, plus 6 subject categories such as Lost Worlds, Manimals, Vampires); Ancient Astronauts, Disappearances, and UFOs" (General, Bermuda Triangle, UFOs); "Prophecy and Fortune-Telling (General plans for subject categories: Crystal Gazing, Palmistry, Phrenology, Tarot); "Astrology," (five form subheadings); and "Skeptics and Debunkers."
Publisher Information:Hamden, CT: Library Professional Publications, 1986. 233p. Glos: 191-200; Name Ind: 201-211; Title Ind: 212-233
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