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Projects of Transcendence
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The Joy of Drumming: Drums and Percussion Instruments From Around the World

Klöwer, Töm

This is "a survey of percussion instruments—traditional, popular, recently developed, and trendsetting instruments—from many different cultures" (p. 3). The impetus for writing the book was both an EHE the author had and the current widespread interest in drumming as a means of healing and creativity. Klöwer writes: "The sound and rhythm of drumming is of elementary importance to humankind. Stimulating spontaneous expression and providing playful possibilities for nonverbal communication, percussion is a valuable tool in music therapy, as well as art. In modern society, we live with a great deal of emotional and ideological restraint as well as suppressed creativity, which puts us in danger of spiritual impoverishment or inner death. Creativity returns us to the resonating area of the soul that seeks to grow and express itself, and harmonize the energy of the body. Drumming is one of the simplest, most direct ways of accessing creative energy" (p. 3).

This gift he himself received when he took a trip to Ghana in 1994, which turned out to correspond with a dream he had had, and he is following in pursuit of its personal meaning. He records his experience as follows. As he participated in drumming his first day in Ghana, while learning his first rhythm, he began to feel "physical strength and pleasure" (p. 6). He felt he had come to his own emotional home as he "experienced ... [his] own creative playful aspect. ... It was the most profound encounter I had ever had with my body" (p. 6). Thus it was an EHE that led him to Ghana where he found both a sense of home and of vocation. Drumming became his Project of Transcendence, and in this book he shares what he learned.

Publisher Information:Diever, Holland: Binkey Kok, 1997. Pp. x + 202. Disc-ography: 193-196; Ind: 199-202; 3 illus; 110 photos; 23 refs; 3 tables
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