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Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations With Prominent Women

Skog, Susan, and others

 This is a marvelous book for anyone interested in exceptional human experience. It consists of accounts of 29 women—if one includes the compiler. Each woman is known for some reason, say, as a writer (e.g., Madeleine L’Engle), a doctor (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross), a New Age leader (Marilyn Ferguson), a public figure (Betty Ford), a singer (Naomi Judd), or a person associated with a specific EHE, such as NDEs (Betty Eadie) or angels (Sophy Burnham), transpersonal psychologist (Frances Vaughan), to name a few. In some of the accounts one can glimpse the EHE process at work, which seems to involve four general factors in each individual life: a spiritual connection with the Earth/universe/sacred, the individual, and a way of being in the world that connects the two, plus a way of interacting with self, others, other life forms, and daily events that involves one’s spiritual worldview. For each account, the person’s name is the title followed by a few words of description, e.g., "Linda Caldwell Fuller, cofounder of Habitat for Humanity and author" (p. 205). In many cases, there is a full page photograph of the person. A key quote of a sentence or two is presented, followed by a biographical sketch of a page or two. Then comes the person’s own account of 3 or 4 pages, and each entry ends with a paragraph quotation from the person’s account. There is a useful bibliography of books that helped the compiler in her own spiritual growth. Several of the accounts refer to EHEs in childhood and sometimes describe EHEs that played an important role in the woman’s spiritual journey. The spark that ignited the book itself was a synchronicity Skog describes in her Introduction.
Publisher Information:Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications. Bibl: 221-224; Contributors: 217-220; 23 port; Resources: 225-226
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