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Mystical EEs/EHEs

Ecstasy: A Way of Knowing. by Greeley, Andrew M.
Handbook of Religious Experience. by Hood, Ralph W., Jr.
Heightened Consciousness: The Mystical Difference. by Granfield, David
Human Experience of God. by Edwards, Denis
Landscapes of the Sacred: Geography and Narrative in American Spirituality. by Lane, Belden C.
Language and Self-Transformation: A Study of the Christian Conversion Narrative. by Stromberg, Peter G.
Mystic Union: An Essay in the Phenomenology of Mysticism. by Pike, Nelson
Mysticism: Its History and Challenge. by Borchert, Bruno
Old and New Evidence on The Meaning of Life: The Mystical World-View and Inner Contest. Volume I. An Introduction to Scientific Mysticism. by Whiteman, J.H.M.
Out of This World: Otherworldly Journeys From Gilgamesh to Albert Einstein. by Couliano, I.P.
Quantum Questions: Mystical Writings of the World's Great Physicists. by Wilber, Ken (Ed.)
The Ecstatic Journey. by Burnham, Sophy
The Experience of God: How 40 Well-Known Seekers Encounter the Sacred. by Robinson, Jonathan (Ed.).
The Meeting of Science and Spirit: Guidelines for a New Age. by White, John
The Problem is God: The Selection and Care of Your Personal God. by Anderson, C. Alan
The Sacred Athlete: On the Mystical Experience and Dionysios, Its Westernworld Fountainhead. by Blum, Richard, & Golitzin, Alexander
Unbounded Light: The Inward Journey. 15 Tales of the Inner Light From Ancient Scriptures, Person Accounts, and Modern Science. by Williams, William E. (Ed.).
What is Enlightenment? Exploring the Goal of the Spiritual Path. by White, John (Ed.)

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