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Parapsychology, New Age and the Occult: A Source Encyclopedia

Lacoff, Cheryl Klein (Ed.)

 With a more accurate title this book could be quite useful. It has little to do with academic parapsychology, however. If New Age came first in the title and Parapsychology were omitted, then it is a reference source that could be recommended, especially for libraries. Another misnomer in the title is Encyclopedia. This is is a directory, and there is nothing wrong in saying so. Directories are among the most useful of reference books. It is not wise to indicate one is presenting text when there is none: each entry is of the directory type. For persons one is given address, phone number, subject specialties, work experience, professional membership, publications. The listings are by form rather than subject but there is a topic index. The forms covered are Associations and organizations; Centers, spas, retreats and communities; Schools; Museums; Events; Biographies; Stores; Bookstores; Distributors/Wholesalers; Products and Services; Radio/Television; Audio and Video Producers; Music, Spoken Audio and Video; Bibliography; Periodicals; Publishers Index; and Topic Index. The latter includes 62 subjects, such as Acupuncture, Aikido, Astral projection, Channeling, Death, ESP, Firewalking, Holistic Healing, Meditation, Occult, Paranormal phenomena, Past life regression, Reincarnation, Skepticism, UFOs, Vegetarianism, Witchcraft, and Yoga. The headings were given by the organizations included, which results in considerable overlap, as in Holistic Healing and Holistic Health, Health Food and Nutrition; Paranormal Phenomena; Parapsychology, Psi, Psychic, and Psychic Phenomena; Past Life Regressions and Reincarnation. However, the Topic Index is more than a subject index, many subcategories are used, such as Associations and Organizations; Centers, spas, retreats and communities, Museums; Biographies; Periodicals; Schools; Products and services; Music; Events; Stores; Bibliography; Periodicals, etc.
Publisher Information:Greenwich, CT: Reference Press International, 1993. 526p. Subject Ind: 465-526
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