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Death-Related Experiences
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After the Beyond: Human Transformation and the Near-Death Experience

Flynn, Charles P.

 This book is about the spiritual impact of near-death experiences (NDEs). It looks at what many NDErs have had to say about life, death, and love. In the first chapter Flynn provides an overview of the book. Chapter 2 examines the NDEs of a number of persons. Chapter 3 deals with the difficulties experienced by NDErs in getting people even to listen to their stories, let alone accept them as valid. Chapter 4 is concerned with the difficulties NDErs have in incorporating their experiences into their lives. Chapter 5 examines some of the value transformations that NDErs undergo and presents two in-depth, extensive case studies of major changes in the lives of two NDErs. The sixth chapter covers research aimed at discovering whether a brush with death without an NDE leads to transformation. Various religious aspects of NDEs are examined in Chapter 7, which emphasizes how NDErs adopt a theocentric attitude centered in a God of unconditional love. The implications of NDEs for Christianity is the subject of Chapter 8, which looks at the positive effects NDErs exercise on the lives of nonexperiencers, to whom they direct the love of the Light they were imbued with by their experience. The 10th chapter deals with the meaning of NDEs for those who have not had any sort of transcendent or death-related experience and have not been influenced by anyone who has. Flynn presents some of the more significant findings of an educational experiment—the Love Project¯which he conducted with several classes. In this project he attempted to provide his students with an opportunity to become more loving and caring after the manner of NDErs but in a context not directly related to the NDE. It is his hope that "the NDE and efforts like the Love Project . . . might provide a seedbed for large-scale transformation in a world close to annihilation through forces opposite to those of the love of the Light" (p. 8). There is a Foreword by Raymond Moody and an Afterword by Kenneth Ring. The latter points out that Flynn goes beyond Ring's Heading Toward Omega by saying we should not simply wait passively for the coming of Omega but should "participate actively in its emergence" (p. 163). Materials for the Love Project are published in the Appendices.
Publisher Information:Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1986. 190p. Bibliography: 182-183; Index: 185-190; 4 tables
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