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Death-Related Experiences
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Love Beyond Life: The Healing Power of After-Death Communications

Martin, Joel, & Romanowski, Patricia

The senior author was a skeptic concerning after-death communications (ADCs) until he became convinced by messages received via the medium George Anderson, about which he and Romanowski have written two books. In this one, they provide both an extensive survey of 3,000 published cases, presenting 100 here, and the results of their survey of 500 cases based on interviews with the experiencers. They are especially concerned about people who have not had ADCs or who have and are disoriented and confused by them as a result. They hope that because of this book readers will "be better able to embrace these precious, golden moments, these bridges of light, with ease and peace of mind" (p. xx). Several chapters present accounts of ADCs by their mode of reception: dreams, apparitions, deathbed visions, near-death experiences, synchronicities and meaningful personal signs, such as a specific odor, precognition, and clusters of various experiences had by several members of a given family.

There are some general chapters. In the first, they present a profile of the most common features of ADCs. They also discuss who tends to experience ADCs, using accounts of actual experiences as examples. Next they "offer some general advice for those who have had or believe they would welcome a direct communication" (p. 17). One of the most important chapters from the viewpoint of exceptional human experience is on the healing power of ADCs. Another chapter is devoted to "specific meaning of facilitating and enhancing direct after-death communications" (p. 17), or as we would say, potentiating the meaning of the ADC so it becomes an EHE.

An appendix provides an overview of cultures that have believed in ADCs until the rise of Western science with its skeptical base in a deterministic philosophy. They also briefly review those sciences and scientists of the border who have been brave and bold enough to attempt to apply the scientific method to the question of survival of death. The "Love Beyond Life Survey" is presented as Appendix Z and is the latest version of one Martin devised in the 1970s. He uses it as a basis for interviewing people about their ADCs.

Publisher Information:New York: HarperCollins, 1997.Pp. xi + 259. Appendix II. The Love Beyond Life Survey: 235-252; Bibl: 255-259; Chapnotes: 253-254
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