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Theoretical Approaches
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Philosophy and Parapsychology

Ludwig, Jan (Ed.).

 The impetus for this anthology by Union College philosopher Jan Ludwig is the fact that although most parapsychologists believe that the existence of psi phenomena has been scientifically verified, many philosophers and psychologists are skeptical of these claims. This book brings together the writings of 22 parapsychologists, psychologists, and philosophers in debate concerning the existence of psi and various conceptions of its nature. All but one selection was previously published. Ludwig provides an introductory essay, "Philosophy and Parapsychology." Section I, "Parapsychology and Philosophy," has five chapters, by C.D. Broad (2); M. Kneale, R. Robinson, and C.W.K. Mundle; J.B. Rhine; and C.J. Ducasse. Section II, "The Argument From the Possibility of Fraud," consists of seven selections, by G.R. Price, S.G. Soal, J.B. Rhine, P.E. Meehl and M. Scriven, and P.W. Bridgman on the controversy in Science over Price's article, "Science and the Supernatural." The third section, "Conceptual Issues in Parapsychology," has chapters by A. Flew, S.E. Braude, J.M.O. Wheatley, H.W. Baldwin, and G. Murphy. Section IV, "Precognition and Its Problems," has four chapters, by C.D. Broad, L. Foster, C.W.K. Mundle, and B. Brier. The fifth section, "Parapsychology and the Philosophy of Mind," has chapters by J. Beloff, H.H. Price, M. Scriven, and J.W. Godbey, Jr.. The last section, "Historical Postscript," consists of William James's "Final Impressions of a Psychical Researcher."
Publisher Information:Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1978. 454p. Bibliography: 423-448; Chapter references; 2 figures
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