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Spiritual Emergency/Emergence/Counseling

Anomalous Experiences & Trauma: Current Theoretical, Research and Clinical Perspectives. by Laibow, Rima E., Sollod, Robert N., & Wilson, John P. (Eds.)
Awakening the Heart: East/West Approaches to Psychotherapy and the Healing Relationship. by Welwood, John (Ed.)
Beyond the Brain: Birth, Death and Transcendence in Psychotherapy. by Grof, Stanislav
Breakdown & Breakthrough: Psychotherapy in a New Dimension. by Field, Nathan
Broken Images, Broken Selves: Dissociative Narratives in Clinical Practice. by Krippner, Stanley, & Powers, Marie (Eds.).
Deliverance: Psychic Disturbances and Occult Involvement. by Perry, Michael (Ed.)
Demons of the Inner World: Understanding Our Hidden Complexes. by Ribi, Alfred
Dissociative Identity Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Features and Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder. by Ross, Colin A.
Hallucinations in Clinical Psychiatry: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals. by Asaad, Ghazi
Healing Shattered Reality: Understanding Contactee Trauma. by Bryant, Alice, & Seebach, Linda
Healing the Split: Madness or Transcendence? A New Understanding of the Crisis and Treatment of the Mentally Ill. by Nelson, John E.
Mystics and Medics: A Comparison of Mystical and Psychotherapeutic Encounters. by Bulka, Reuven P. (Ed.)
Satanic Ritual Abuse: Principles of Treatment. by Ross, Colin A.
Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions. by Vaughan, Frances
Spiritual Recovery: A Twelve-Step Guide. by Schnarr, Grant R.
Suicide and the Inner Voice: Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Case Management. by Firestone, Robert W.
The Family Unconscious: "An Invisible Bond.". by Taub-Bynum, E. Bruce
The Forbidden Self: Symbolic Incest and the Journey Within. by Perkins, John
The Inner World of Trauma: Archetypal Defenses of the Personal Spirit. by Kalsched, Donald
The Inward Arc: Healing & Wholeness in Psychotherapy & Spirituality. by Vaughan, Frances
The Psychic Thread: Paranormal and Normal Aspects of Psychotherapy. by Mintz, Elizabeth E., with Gertrude R. Schmeidler
The Psychic Thread: Paranormal and Transpersonal Aspects of Psychotherapy. by Mintz, Elizabeth E., with Gertrude R. Schmeidler
The Stormy Search for the Self: A Guide to Personal Growth Through Transformational Crisis. by Grof, Christina, & Grof, Stanislav
Transpersonal Psychotherapy. by Boorstein, Seymour (Ed.)
Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2nd ed.). by Boorstein, Seymour (Ed.).
Unusual Personal Experiences: An Analysis of the Data from Three National Surveys. by Roper Organization

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