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Anomalous Phenomena/Experiences
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Science Frontiers: Some Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature

Corliss, William R.

 The indefatigable William Corliss gives us another volume in his series of abstracts/citation of notices and information concerning a multitude of anomalous phenomena and observations. This one covers a variety of fields of study, with a chapter each devoted to Archeology, Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Geophysics, Psychology, and a final chapter on Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Esoterics. Each chapter is broken into smaller subdivisions, e.g., under Astronomy he includes subsections on Planets and Moons, Solar System Debris, Stars, Galaxies and Quasars, and Cosmology. Psychology includes Dissociation Phenomena, Hallucinations, Mind-Body Phenomena, Hidden Knowledge, Reincarnation, Information Processing, and Psychokinesis. In all, the book lists 1,500 items taken mainly from scientific journals and magazines published from 1976-1993. He states that the book’s primary aim is to amuse, but I would say in addition it is a book that "bemuses." As Corliss puts it: "I hope to demonstrate that nature is amusing, beguiling, sometimes bizarre, and, most important, liberating. ... If there is anything profound between those covers, it is the influence of anomalies on the stability of stifling scientific paradigms" (p. v). The arrangement within each chapter depends on the subject matter. Most are topically arranged, although the one on Archeology is arranged geographically. The individual items under each subcategory consists of one to a few paragraphs headed by a title. Corliss summarizes the relevant parts of the original article, sometimes with quotations. The complete citation to the article is given. The black and white illustrations, graphs, and charts are too numerous to count. There are at least 200. The book also has a detailed index. It is a book that is edifying (and useful) to consult and fun to scan. This is only one of several volumes Corliss has compiled, each devoted to different topics.
Publisher Information:Glen Arm, MD: Sourcebook Project (P.O. Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057), 1994.
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