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Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership

Jaworsky, Joseph

The only way I can write a relatively short abstract/review of this book is to promise myself the future bliss of writing a long essay review based on it. It is a marvelous EHE autobiography, for one thing. But its main gift, to me, is that it is a record of how one man, a top-rated lawyer, who was supremely and superbly rooted in the Newtonian, linear paradigm, came to live from within the Experiential Paradigm, or the nonlinear reality of David Bohm’s implicit order. His book is titled Synchronicity because synchronicities were one type of EHE he had often, but more than that, he was able to see how synchronicities occurred at those times when he had slipped the bonds of linearity and was strongly rooted in his vision of the way the world should be, which is operating as one organism in which all parts work together synergistically.

For Jaworsky, this was not simply a fantasy. He actually worked with several teams of internationally selected highly intelligent and globally knowledgeable people of high responsibility who themselves had the felt sense of global unity and who had the experience of how rootedness in nonlocality can result in instantaneous changes that could occur anywhere in the world, working toward the realization of that unity in ways that appeared to be miraculous—EHEs, in other words.

He describes how he began to learn "how to move with the unfolding order and to live out the principles, naturally" (p. 14). What he, after Bohm, calls the "unfolding order" is what I have called the late stages of the EHE process, but he goes further than I have been able to do, pointing the way for all of us.

Jaworsky is at the forefront of those, often in large multinational corporations, who are working to influence and shape global events so that unity within diversity will be promoted. He realized it was no longer "possible for business and governments to effectively ‘plan’ a long term future. Instead, it was necessary to learn to create and discover an unfolding future" (p. 147). One of the most important nonlocal synchronicities of his life was a four hour talk he had with David Bohm in which Bohm supplied the theoretical underpinnings for Jaworsky’s unusual experiences and his intuitions about reality, which went far beyond the linear, deterministic paradigm. Bohm told him that "You cannot think of existence as local," and "Yourself is actually the whole of mankind. That’s the idea of the implicate order—that everything is enfolded in everything.…We are all connected. If this could be taught, and if people could understand it, we would have a different consciousness" (pp. 89-81). And, I would add, a very different world; which is the whole point of Jaworsky’s book. I will tell his story much more fully in the article I plan to write. But don’t wait for that! Get a copy of this world-shaking book and give yourself the pleasure of reading every word from cover to cover. Even if you know what he is saying, you are bound to become even more in resonance with and conscious of the unity of all than you were when you began.

Publisher Information:San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler, 1996. Pp. ix + 211. Chapnotes: 198-204; Ind: 205-211
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