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Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential

Tart, Charles T.

 Waking Up is dedicated to "all who seek more understanding of themselves and others, and who wish to awaken from the narrow and twisted dream called 'ordinary consciousness'" (p. vii). Its purpose is "to help you find what you think you already have, namely, free will, intelligence, and self-consciousness. . . . I shall provide information to demonstrate that your will is largely a mechanical reaction based on your conditioning, that your intelligence is severely limited compared to what it could be, and that there is no true self controlling your life from a state of genuine self-consciousness. . . . You can be far more than you are now" (p. ix). Basically it presents a current interpretation of the ideas of Gurdjieff and his followers in the light of modern scientific understanding. It is in 3 sections. The first, and briefest, is on possibilities. The second deals with problems of our ordinary consciousness. The third concerns practices of awakening from our ordinary state to a more objective, balanced, and integrated state of being. Psi is touched on only briefly as possibly involved in the modus operandi of prayer. Appendix A is a bibliographical essay of readings on Gurdjieff and his school. Appendix B is on finding a Gurdjieff-oriented group, but specific names are deliberately not given.
Publisher Information:Boston, MA: Shambhala, 1986. 323p. Bibliography: 315-316; Chapter notes: 309-313; Index: 317-323; Recommended readings: 295-304
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