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Parapsychology for Teachers and Students: A Bibliographic Guide (2nd ed.).

White, Rhea A.

 This is a listing of 388 books, dissertations, and journal, magazine, and newsletter articles. The guide is aimed at three audiences: teachers of parapsychology, enrolled students, and amateurs who want to try some parapsychological research on their own or who simply want to become better informed on what parapsychology is and the methodology of psi research. The bibliographic guide begins with information sources on education in parapsychology. There are six subcategories: (1) general works on education in parapsychology, (2) historical works, (3) sources aimed at teachers, (4) sources aimed at students, (5) courses and training programs in parapsychology, and (6) scholarships. Next are listed general sources of information on parapsychology broken down into eight subcategories: (1) textbooks, (2) books of readings, (3) literature surveys, (4) bibliographies, (5) other reference works, (6) criticisms of parapsychology, (7) parapsychology journals, and (8) organizations. The third section provides information sources on the methodology of parapsychology in three subcategories: (1) testing ESP and PK, (2) investigating spontaneous cases, and (3) investigating the survival problem. Section IV is on locating parapsychology information sources——how to get the most out of the library, computerized searching, abstracts, indexes, nonbook materials, etc. Section V lists information on the possibilities and pitfalls of parapsychology as a career, and the final section consists of a glossary of 157 parapsychological and related terms.
Publisher Information:Dix Hills, NY: Parapsychology Sources of Information Center, 1989. 15p. Author index: 37-39; Glossary: 27-36
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