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Eye to Eye: The Quest for the New Paradigm

Wilber, Ken

 In the Preface Wilber says "This is a book about an overall or 'comprehensive' knowledge quest—not with a view toward any sort of finality in knowledge, but with a view toward some sort of balance in the quest itself. It is about empirical science, philosophy, psychology, and transcendental religion; about sensory knowledge, symbolic knowledge, and spiritual knowledge; and about how they might all fit together. It discusses what a "comprehensive" paradigm might eventually look like, and—just as important or perhaps more important—it attempts to expose and unravel some of the major obstacles to the emergence of such a paradigm." Nine of the 10 chapters were originally published (in the same or variant format) in the Journal of Altered States of Consciousness (1), Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (3), and ReVision (5). The chapter titles are Eye to Eye; The Problem of Proof; A Mandalic Map of Consciousness; Development, Meditation, and the Unconscious; Physics, Mysticism, and the New Holographic Paradigm; Reflections on the New Age Paradigm—An Interview; The Pre/Trans Fallacy; Legitimacy, Authenticity, and Authority in the New Religions; Structure, Stage, and Self; and The Ultimate State of Consciousness. In addition to writing about a possible new paradigm, Wilber deals with some of the greatest obstacles preventing its emergence. A key tenet of Wilber's view is that the new paradigm most likely will be an outgrowth of actual experience. As he puts it, "the only way you actually know the transmental is actually to transform" (p. 199).
Publisher Information:Garden City, NY: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1983. 326p. Bibliography: 311-317; 15 figs; Index: 319-326
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