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Experiential Paradigm
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Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems (2nd ed).

Arguelles, José

 This book consists of 50 "holonomic maps" with accompanying explanatory text, which the author channeled or "received" in a six-month period in 1983. The first edition of the book, published in 1984, was out of print in a year. His book, .The Mayan Factor, published in 1987, "provides the context for the present work, which Arguelles calls "a planetary design manual ... for envisioning the evolving field of Earth in relation to the galactic whole" (p. ix). In the Foreword to this second edition, Charles T. Tart writes: "Any single one of [Arguelles’] holonomic maps can lead the thinking/feeling reader to new insights into himself and his world. That there are fifty holonomic maps presented is remarkable! I wholeheartedly recommend this pioneering book to anyone willing to be stimulated and challenged by a marvelous New Age vision of our selves, our Earth, our Universe" (p. viii). It was produced by an EHE and presents, in effect, maps of the Experiential Paradigm, which is knowable only through exceptional human experience. Arguelles’ vision manifested a new paradigm, which he calls the resonant field paradigm. Its first premise is that "everything is in resonance" and resonance, not matter, is the primary nature of reality. The second premise is "everything is governed by a single law which accounts for the co-existence of different fields, each functioning as a whole system reflective of all other whole systems, no matter what scale—or dimension. ... Earth is the immediate whole system of which each one of us is a hologram. Of course, each one of us is also a hologram of the whole species [of] humankind" (p. ix) The third is that "it is Earth, in galactic resonance, that is evolving us and not the other way around" (p. x). The latter is also envisioned in those EHEs that are Earth experiences, Gaia experiences, and Goddess experiences.
Publisher Information:Sante Fe, NM: Bear, 1996. Pp. x + 165. Appendix 1: Benjamin Franklin’s Magic Squares & Crossover Polarity: 144-145; Appendix 2: The Planet Ape Report for Desperate Earthlings of the Past: 146-147; Appendix 3: The Holonomic Recipe Book: Void Psi Matrix: 148-149; Bibl: 153-156; 4 figs; 64 illus; 5 photos
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