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Ways of Knowing
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The Dragon’s Eye: Envisioning Women’s Wisdom

Payson, Herta

 This spell-binding work is based on the author’s doctoral research, which was to explore her own experiences and those of other women in response to the question, "What do you know that you do not know you know?" Payson is a psychotherapist, costumer, teacher, weaver, writer, and I would add, EHEer. I am fortunate to know her as friend. When it came to abstracting her book here, I was in a quandary as it seemed to belong equally in three categories: Inscendence; EHE autobiography; and "Ways of Knowing." I discussed it with her, and we decided the latter was the most appropriate. But I urge readers who are interested in EHE autobiographies not to miss this one. And not only are there awesome experiences of transcendence chronicled here, but Herta Payson is a true pioneer on the path of Inscendence. She describes her journey back, down, and in from early stages of being fogbound and falling into sleep each time she tried to remember to finally coming upon striking imagery which she lived into and that led, at the end, to discovering many "women’s ways of knowing," which she was able to share with other women in a creative group setting in which men had a role to play as well. These women truly functioned as postmodern priestesses, traveling to unique yet rediscovered places where all women meet, enlivening Earth at the same time, and raising up levels of energy that the fathers, husbands, sons, and younger daughters could also sense. This book portrays the archetypal way of woman’s search, known well before Rome, Christianity, the Enlightenment. What these women found, which is so beautifully lived and described by Herta Payson, is the way to resacralize the world and ourselves along with it, and all forms of life that share this globe with us. I’ve given the book to several of my friends. I wish I could give it to everyone.
Publisher Information:Groton, CT: Matrix, 1998. iv + 255p. Appendix A: Research: Methodology and partici-pants 211-215; Bibl: 245-252; Chapnotes: 217-244; Ind: 253-255
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