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Silver Threads: 25 Years of Parapsychology Research

Kane, Beverley, Millay, Jean, & Brown, Dean (Eds.).

 This work was compiled to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Bay Area’s Parapsychological Research Group. The members of this group represent many disciplines, and this is reflected in the book, which is more on consciousness studies from a variety of angles rather than simply on parapsychology. One of the strengths of this group has always been its eclectic nature, which encourages far-ranging and cross-disciplinary thinking and research. The contents, therefore, cannot be simply summarized in an abstract. It is best to list the contents, in order to allow the reader to see the extensive array of materials this book provides. After a Foreward on "Shifting Assumptions" by Willis Harman, there follow seven sections and 25 papers revealing specific attempts to bring about a paradigm shift in the science of consciousness. The section headings and chapters in each are as follows: I. Foundations: (1) Parapsychology, Science, and Intuition by W.H. Kautz; (2) The Nature of Personal Belief Systems by B. Kane; II. Remote Viewing: (3) Dream ESP Experiments and Geomagnetic Activity by M.A. Persinger and S. Krippner; (4) A Decade of Remote-Viewing Research by R. Targ; (5) Longitudinal Comparison of Local and Long-Distance Remote-Perception Phenomena by E.A. Rauscher; (6) Exploring the Visionary Experience by J. Millay; III. Physics: (7) Energy by S-P. Sirag; (8) Quantum Reality and Consciousness by N. Herbert; (9) Time, Consciousness, and Psi by J.E. Burns; IV. Mathematical Models: (10) A Theoretical Model of the Remote-Perception Phenomenon by E.A. Rauscher; (11) Hyperspace Reflections by S-P. Sirag; V. Bioscience: (12) Psychoneuroimmunology—The Bridge Between Science and Spirit by S. Barrett; (13) Human Volitional Effects on a Model Bacterial System by B. Rubik and E.A. Rauscher; (14) The Evolution of Consciousness Intertwined with the Evolution of the Science of Plants by D. Brown; (15) Consciously Creating Conscious States by C. Quincy; VI. Psychology: (16) Alternate States of Consciousness: Access to Other Realities by R-I. Heinze; (17) Firewalking—A New Look at an Old Enigma by L. Vilenskaya; (18) PK on the PC—A Macintosh PK Event-Generator Based on the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Experiments by W.J. Croft; (19) Brainwave Synchronization: Report on a Pilot Study by J.R. Johnston; (20) Near-Death Experiences: Implications for Human Evolution and Planetary Transformation by K. Ring; (21) Channeling by J. Klimo; (22) Implications of Consciousness Research for Psychotherapy and Self-Exploration by S. Grof; VII. Reflections: (23) The Dilemma of Parapsychology by W.H. Kautz; (24) Truth and Science: The Ethical Dimensions of Psi Research by S. Thomson; and (25) Increasing Psychic Reliability by R. Targ, W. Braud, M. Schlitz, and C. Honorton. There is a Epilogue by Dean Brown, a list of Milestones in the History of the Parapsychology Research Group, the PRG Belief Survey, and a Selected Bibliography.
Publisher Information:Westport, CT: Praeger, 1993. 340p. Bibl: 321-324; Chap. notes; 62 figs; Index: 325-333; 3 tables
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