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UFOs and the Psychic Factor: How to Understand Encounters With UFOs and Ets

Kannenberg, Ida M.

This is a wise and compassionate guide to assist people "to understand encounters with UFOs and ETs." It also would be helpful to anyone who has had an exceptional experience. Kannenberg is a good example of a person who did not become conscious of her UFO experience for a long time—50 years! She was assisted by means of hypnotic regression by R. Leo Sprinkle, who wrote the introduction to this book. Since her recognition she has been heavily involved in filling in her understanding of the meaning of UFO and alien encounters and helping others to do the same. She offers sage advice to investigators and experiencers alike. She holds that a multi-disciplinary approach is required in which the investigators work as a team, not in isolation. She insists that science must learn to honor new forms of evidence and that the clue to understanding the experience lies in the experiencer’s own description of what happened.

She wrote this book to help contactees to understand their encounter(s) and to prepare those who will eventually have encounters. She views UFO encounters as seed experiences, which is my view of all types of exceptional experiences. She asks a number of questions aimed at sparking recall of UFO or other strange encounters. Kannenberg believes no one has a UFO encounter who had not asked for it (though not necessarily specifically). She also regards such encounters as initiations, and devotes 13 chapters to aspects of this theme, culminating in elevation, which is known "by a sudden euphoria and a feeling of having been ‘let out of a box.’ Feelings of constraint, which you had grown so used to you hardly noticed them, will lift" (p. 145). (In my case, although I am not aware of any UFO contact, this was what I felt when the concept of exceptional human experience washed over me.) It is also a feeling that is associated with being in the Experiential Paradigm. The second half of the book consists of channeled messages from, as they describe it, "souls who have not been born." Her specific communicator is Hweig. There is a directory of organizations and a topically arranged bibliography.

Publisher Information:Tigard, OR: Wild Flower Press (P.O. Box 230893, Tigard, OR 97281), 1992. Pp. xii + 250. Chap. bibl: 243-250; 6 figs; 17 illus; 2 photos; 21 refs; Sugg. rdg: 242
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