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Death-Related Experiences
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Haunted Houses USA

Riccio, Dolores, & Bingham, Joan

 Dolores Riccio grew up in a "haunted" house from age 10. Exceptional experiences such as thumps, knocks, footsteps, voices, flickering lights, and even small objects flying across a room were welcomed and discussed by her family. They tried to communicate with the "visitors" by ouija board and automatic writing. Her own children, when visiting their mother’s childhood home, also had exceptional experiences there. Apparitions and inexplicable physical events occurring in her present home. Thus she developed a lifelong curiosity about haunted houses and enjoys visiting them. Co-author Bingham also recounts her own exceptional experiences with the deceased and other paranormal experiences. This book is a result of those visits. It begins with a useful nontechnical introduction to ghostly occurrences and ways of investigating them, including work with mediums. The book is sectioned into parts of the U.S., and a chapter each is devoted to several haunted places in that geographic area. The areas covered and the number of haunts in each are as follows: The Pacific Coast (10), the West (4), South Central States (7), North Central States (10), Southeast (18), and Northeast (18). There is a two-page list of contacts (organizations and individuals). This is a useful book if you have had exceptional experiences of the postmortem and haunting type. It enables experiences to discover the range of experiences available and get a feel for the ones that most commonly occur, and it provides addresses of places that are purported to be haunted to visit. Thus, it is a useful tool for extending one’s knowledge of the data and lore concerning one’s own exceptional experiences.
Publisher Information:New York: Pocket Books, 1989. Pp. xiv + 287. Bibl: 285-287; 2 figs; 27 illus
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