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Feminist Theology From the Third World: A Reader

King, Ursula. (Ed.).

 This anthology is compiled by a British theology professor who sees "the development of feminist theology very much in a cross-cultural, global perspective" (p. xii). In the documents presented here, she gives "space and visibility to many different women, their experience, and reflections, and thereby show the great diversity and richness of feminist theology in the non-Western world" (p. xii). These theologies are indirectly of relevance to exceptional human experience, which is an outgrowth of the Western worldview. The cultures represented here, however, have an entirely different view of what we call EHEs. Some of these cultures honor and even privilege what we call EHEs. A cross-cultural review of approaches to EHEs is definitely needed. For now, books like this are helpful, even if they do not deal specifically with the concept of exceptional human experience. There are 5 parts. The first is on "Doing Theology from Third World Women’s Perspective" (8 selections). The second consists of 8 selections on "Women’s Oppression and Cries of Pain." Part 3 consists of 7 selections on "The Bible as a Source of Empowerment for Women." The last 2 parts are on the growing edge of Third World feminist spirituality. Part 4, "Challenging Traditional Theological Thinking," has 7 selections and Part 5 has 8 chapters on "A Newly Emerging Spirituality."
Publisher Information:Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1994. 434p. Bibl: 413-425; Chap. notes: 395-412; Ind: 426-434
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