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Death-Related Experiences
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The Near-Death Experience: Problems, Prospects, Perspectives. With a Foreword by Michael B. Sabom

Greyson, Bruce, & Flynn, Charles P. (Eds.)

 This is "a sampling of the more significant scholarly attempts to understand the nature, possible explanations, and speculations regarding the meaning of the NDE" (p. x). There are five parts, each with a brief introduction by the editors. The first consists of an overview of near-death studies by Kenneth Ring. The second is on dimensions of the near-death experience and contains four selections: "The Subjective Response to Life-Threatening Danger," by Russell Noyes, Jr. and Donald J. Slymen; "Further Studies of the Near-Death Experience" and "Measuring the Near-Death Experience," both by Kenneth Ring; and "The Near-Death Experience Scale: Construction, Reliability, and Validity" by Bruce Greyson. Part III, on theories of NDEs, contains nine selections: "The Reality of Death Experiences: A Personal Perspective," by Ernst A. Rodin; "Commentary on 'The Reality of Death Experiences' by Ernst A. Rodin," by Michael B. Sabom; "The Psychology of Life After Death," by Ronald K. Siegel; "The Near-Death Experience: Balancing Siegel's View," by John C. Gibbs; "Pathophysiology of Stress-Induced Limbic Lobe Dysfunction: A Hypothesis Relevant to Near-Death Experiences," by Daniel B. Carr; "The Amniotic Universe," by Carl Sagan; "Why Birth Models Cannot Explain Near-Death Phenomena," by Carl B. Becker; "The Psychodynamics of Near-Death Experiences," by Bruce Greyson; and "Jung, Parapsychology, and the Near-Death Experience: Toward a Transpersonal Paradigm," by Michael Grosso. Part IV is on clinical aspects of the NDE and contains four selections: "Near-Death Experiences: Dilemma for the Clinician," by Raymond A. Moody, Jr.; "Near-Death Events and Critical Care Nursing," by Annalee R. Oakes; "The Lazarus Syndrome: A Care Plan for the Unique Needs of Those Who've 'Died,'" by Anthony Lee; and "Clinical Interventions with Near-Death Experiencers," by Kimberly Clark. Consequences of the NDE is the subject of the final part, and it is represented by "Near-Death Experiences and Attempted Suicide," by Bruce Greyson; "The Human Experience of Death or, What Can We Learn from Near-Death Experiences?," by Russell Noyes, Jr.; and "Meanings and Implications of Near-Death Experiencer Transformations," by Charles P. Flynn. The selections are taken from a variety of sources: Anabiosis, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, and a surprising variety of other journals such as American Psychologist, Atlantic, Omega, RN, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, Theta, Topics in Clinical Nursing, and Virginia Medical Journal.
Publisher Information:Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, 1984. 289p. Bibliography by chapter
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