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Atlas of the Mysterious in North America

Guiley, Rosemary Ellen

 This is a readable reference work—a most unusual combination. The arrangement, too, is more reader-friendly than most books of this type. Instead of being a purely alphabetical list by topic or place, there are sections devoted to the following key topics: Power Points and Sacred Places, Earthworks and Mounds, Stoneworks, Haunted Places, Ghost Lights, Phantom and Mystery Ships, Water Monsters, and Mysterious Creatures. The first three are divided into subcategories, e.g., Power Points and Sacred Places is partitioned into Sacred Places, Sacred Mountains, Sacred Lakes and Springs, and Vision Quest Sites. Whether it is a subsection or a chapter devoted to one topic, the format is the same. Each begins with an inviting general introduction followed by an alphabetical listing by state for the United States followed by an alphabetical listing by province for Canada. Within each state or province, the places of relevance are themselves listed alphabetically. Each section/chapter has maps and many illustrations. Guiley brings high intelligence, sensitive first-hand experiences, and professionalism to all her works, and all three are much in evidence in this volume. You can enjoy it for itself, use it as a guide for places to visit, and become effortlessly more aware of the human-earth connection while doing it. Guiley is always concerned to point interested persons to further sources of information. This book not only contains a bibliography and list of supplemental readings, but there is a directory of organizations as well.
Publisher Information:New York: Facts on File, 1995. 178p. Bibl: 163-167; Directory: 161-162; Index: 169-178
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