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Red Gold: Peak Performance Techniques of the Russian and East German Olympic Victors

Raiport, Grigori

 The author is both an M.D. and Ph.D. and is a former Soviet Olympic team training techniques psychologist. He describes the mind-control techniques used by the Soviet Union to bring members of their athletic, military, and space programs to a "state of optimal functioning," or the field of "latent human abilities." These techniques are described in detail so that the reader can learn and practice them in his or her own life. Raiport came to the U.S. in 1977 where he explored the "American way" and tried to mold his Soviet learning techniques to fit the needs of Westerners. In Part I, "Red Gold," he describes the "Russian edge." He outlines the work of the Moscow Research Institute of Physical Culture, which concentrates on three areas: physical, mental, and emotional. The other chapters are entitled "Conquering Your Resistance to Change," "Transcending Your Threshold of Pain," "Mastering Consciousness and Attention," "The Key to Self-Control," "Achieving a State of Optimal Functioning," "Tapping Your Co-Personalities," and "Identifying With Your Winning Self." Part 2 is on the "Soviet Auto-Conditioning Training Course," which is described in 7 chapters. In an "Afterword" he points out that the majority of the Soviet population is unaware of the techniques described in this book. They are taught only to the elite.
Publisher Information:Los Angeles: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 1988. 157p. Bibl: 155-157
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