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Eye of the Centaur: A Visionary Guide Into Past Lives

Clow, Barbara Hand

 As the subtitle indicates, this book does not present a collection of past lives but rather Clow describes her recollections of ways "in which different levels of consciousness create mythic scenarios to join current personal life experiences with universal experiences," going back 12,000 years. By reexperiencing past lives for the edification of the reader, Clow portrays ancient initiation rituals in a way that they can be accessed by current consciousness. She feels that the channeled teachings presented have demonstrated "that we are now ready to utilize our highest capacities." In the Introduction, Clow’s therapist, Gregory Paxson, says that "out of her journey into the past to find herself," Clow "found that Greater Self who transforms and reaches forth, to touch and transform all who would have it" (p. 1). He adds that this book is unusual in that it presents a series of regressions by the participant, not the therapist-researcher. Paxson says they deliberately used past-life memories "as a direct vehicle for transformation, for taking major revolutionary steps" resulting in "a balanced, powerful, efficient technique for quantum growth that is at one with the integrity of the person" (p. 1). The book is based on 18 Past-Life Regression Sessions he and Clow did in 1982-1984. She chose those scenes from each that had "the most direct bearing on her own" growth process, reading of which he says threw him "unexpectedly into a deep meditational state" (p. 2). A total of less than 30 hours were used to produce these regressions. He describes his view of past-life regression as that "we are evolving creatures, and that problems are not to be solved; they are triggers for our transformation" (p. 8). He devotes several pages to a description of the process involved. In her introduction, Clow presents her motivation in writing the book. She says in mid-life she did not rediscover herself because she had never known herself. It’s a rollercoaster of a journey.
Publisher Information:St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1986. 243p. 12 illus; Sugg. rdg: 219-243
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