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Death-Related Experiences
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Ghosts of the Rich and Famous

Myers, Arthur

 Journalist Myers says he "selected the ghost stories in this volume based on the wealth or fame (or both) of the ghosts or their witnesses; the ability of the reported occurrence to startle the reader, or at least to make him or her think twice about the paranormal, and the credibility of the story" (p. 2). In each case he says he tried to establish its evidentiality by checking any available sources. These sources are listed by chapter at the end of the book for those who want to make an independent check. the names of the "rich and famous" chronicled in this book are Clark Gable, Carol Lombard, Judy Garland, John Hodiak, Ida Lupino, Audrey Meadows, Marilyn Monroe, Elke Sommer, Clifton Webb, Mae West, Dick Clark, Houdini, John Lennon, Moliere, Beatrice Straight, Lee Strasberg, Susan Strasberg, Joyce Caffey, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Mamie Eisenhower, Mackenzie King, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Wilhelmina, Winston Churchill, Belita Adair, Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Rosemary Brown, Liszt, Chopin, Bach, Brahms, F.W. Woolworth, Henry Morrison Flagler; Allen Ginsburg, Arthur Koestler, Thomas Wolfe, Elinor Wylie, Admiral Byrd, Buffalo Bill Cody, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Custer, Christiaan Barnard, Carl Gustav Jung, Norman Vincent Peale, Anwar Sadat, Benjamin Franklin, and Adolf Hitler.
Publisher Information:Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1988. 333p. Bibl: 324-333; 1 fig; 43 illus
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