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The Subtle Templates of God

Doney, Mike O.

 This EHE autobiography is by an obviously intelligent man who did not get past high school. This was likely a blessing, because having grown up more with nature in the Pacific Northwestern U.S. rather than cities, he faced life in an open direct way yet was reasonably skeptical. He begins with an exceptional experience in which his life was saved in a synchronistic way and then a genuine EHE when an acquaintance named Jack demonstrated dowsing to Doney and taught him how to do it. He writes: "Little did I know the impact that this experience would have on my life. It would be years before I would realize the strong possibility that the ruptured appendix had been a divine act, brought about to slow me down, so I would take the time to listen, and work with the new energy world I had been shown. It would be years later before it would dawn on me that there are angels, guides, helpers, and more. Jack, as I see it now, was an angel who taught me secrets about light, consciousness, and energy systems that have been forever, and I had not known them" (p. 41). He was forced by his experiences to make "a commitment...to make every reasonable effort to explore this phenomenon further, because the evidence had convinced me it was a part of reality" (p. 46). That he was progressing in the EHE process is evident from the following insight: "When one begins to recognize this reality, one begins to have a closer union with mind and matter expressing as God force" (p. 64). This is another way of expressing what it is like to encounter the MORE that we are, which is both inside and outside us. He also realized that consensus reality as it is taught, is based on "giving coherent form to possibilities related to experience," whether a religious belief is concerned or a scientific theory. "What those in power professed became reality. Often later, it was found to be false, just the best guess at the time" (p. 64). He realized the same applied to him as he tried to make sense of his experience by postulating Angels, "String Pullers, Ghosts," Systems in Light. He decided that for him experience was the best evidence. One must experience to know. He could not fathom how scientists or any human could "explore mind in matter without putting value on experience?" (p. 64). His own dowsing experiences took him into such areas as poltergeists, ghosts, and healing, along with its use in stalking deer, locating jade, and plover. Then, in another synchronicity, in response to the strong feeling that he needed to know more than Jack had taught him, an inner prompting told him to give a course and those who knew would come. He offered to teach at a local college and was denied, but he went to a higher person at the college who happened to be looking for a dowser so he could dig a well. Doney offered to do map dowsing, and succeeded both in locating water and in giving the course. "People came from far and wide, bringing much experience, wisdom, information for exchange" (p. 83), including information that would be of great value to him in his own work and understanding—later he saw the interconnection between prayer and dowsing. For either to work, "the energy of intent must enter a cooperative mode with the target energy. This cooperation may be at levels outside of ordinary consciousness" (p. 109). Throughout the book he describes many experiences he had, conferences he attended, and many dowsing feats he performed, sometimes called to places thousands of miles away. Doney is a down to earth man, and for him dowsing enabled him to enter the Experiential Paradigm in a literally down to earth manner.
Publisher Information:Seattle, WA: Peanut Butter, 1996. 157p. 21 illus
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