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UFO Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials

Dennett, Preston

Dennett began his story of UFOs in 1986 after learning that relatives and friends were having dramatic encounters. He rapidly developed as a field investigator, interviewing hundreds of witnesses and many different types of cases. He has published over 50 articles since 1986. In a way, he is the Raymond Moody of healings associated with UFOs. He classifies such healings into three main types and gives prototypical examples of each. In the preface he reviews what other UFO experts have said about them (either in personal communications to Dennett or in their own writings). Those investigators who grant there is some evidence for UFO-associated healings are divided as to why aliens might want to heal humans. One theory is that of the benevolent aliens; the other is "equipment maintenance," that is, protecting their research investment in humans they have been monitoring. The book is enhanced by an introduction by John Beresford, M.D., who points out all the counterhypotheses to UFO-associated healings. In spite of his role as devil’s advocate, he closes by noting that "many cases in this book present an astounding amount of evidence in support of UFO-related healings." He urges the reader to "go on with the book now and make up your own mind. The truth within these pages will speak clearly to your inner sense of knowing. Something important is evidently going on here" (p. viii).

There are 13 chapters, 4 of which are general, "Why Aliens Make Good Doctors," "Medical Evidence," and "A Chronology and Statistical Analysis" of the "longest list of UFO healings ever assembled," analyzed by date, healing, location, healee, the condition healed, and the method of healing. He also notes whether it involved an abductee or contactee. Otherwise, it is classed as not an on board experience. The other 10 chapters present the cases themselves, ranging from several paragraphs to several pages in length, grouped in chapters by the illness cured: flesh wounds and other injuries, minor illnesses and ailments, eye problems, cures of hair, skin, teeth, and nails, liver and kidneys, lungs, serious illness/chronic diseases, cancer, and other miraculous cures. The fourth general chapter is of special interest: "Experiences and Psychic Healing." Although he describes what allegedly happens in terms of symptoms. I prefer to use the terms aftereffects. He writes, "Unexplained healings are now a recognized symptom of an encounter with a UFO. Another lesser known symptom of many UFO abductions is the fact that afterwards, the experiences themselves become psychic healers" (p. 333). He gives several examples. In other words, one type of exceptional experience gives rise to a second type. There also is an epilogue in which he describes new cases that came to light after this book had gone to press. He expresses a deepened conviction that beliefs in theories about UFO-related healings mean little. "The best way to view the UFO phenomenon is with objectivity." He tells how initially he set out to find ways of explaining away UFO cases. Now he has no doubt that something real is going on here. This is an excellent anecdotal introduction to UFO-related healings. It is enhanced even further by a list of sources including 4 pages of books, 2 pages listing articles, and 4 radio/TV programs.

Publisher Information:Mill Spring, NC: Wild Flower Press, 1996. Pp. xviii + 186. Bibl: 173-179; 13 illus; Ind: 181-186; 1 photo
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