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Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Parapsychology
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Psychiatry and Mysticism

Dean, Stanley R. (Ed.).

 At the time he edited this book, Dr. Dean was clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Miami in Florida. He is the founder of the American Metapsychiatric Association. He coined the term "metapsychiatry" for "the developing branch of psychiatry that deals with psychic phenomena" (p. 1) and, one could add, with mysticism. Dean defines the latter as a by-product of the fact "that very exceptional kinds of knowledge and awareness may reach consciousness through channels other than those known to us at present" (p. 1). This book is a collection of 26 papers read at three symposia on psychic phenomena plus some additional invitational papers that were organized by Dean and given at the 1972, 1973, and 1974 annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association. Some papers are just on parapsychology, some just on psychiatry, but most deal with aspects of both. Some of the major subject areas are altered states, psychic healing, psychosomatic medicine, psi and psychotherapy, and mysticism. The contributors are Dean himself, Francis Braceland, Jules Masserman, Edgar Mitchell, W.G. Roll, Jan Ehrenwald, Berthold Schwarz, Shafica Karagulla, Jule Eisenbud, J.B. Rhine, J.N. Emerson, John Pierrakos, James Beal, Thelma Moss, Paul Adams, Gary Schwartz, Herbert Benson, Arthur Gladman, E. Fuller Torrey, Lawrence LeShan, Elmer and Alyce Creen, Carl Simonton, Stanislav Grof, Malcom Bowers, Jr., and Julian Silverman.
Publisher Information:Chicago, IL: Nelson-Hall, 1975. 424p. Bibliographical footnotes; Chapter references; 12 figures; 7 graphs; 45 illustrations; Index: 399-424; 2 tables
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