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J.B. Rhine: On the Frontiers of Science

Rao, K. Ramakrishna (Ed.)

 This compendium consists of both a tribute to J.B. Rhine and a record of his contributions to parapsychology, K.R. Rao provides an overview in the Introduction, and there is a chronology of important events in J.B. Rhine's life. The scope of the book is apparent from the following list of chapter titles and their authors: J.B. Rhine: Man and Scientist, by Louisa E. Rhine; J.B. as Family Man, by Sara R. Feather; Joseph Banks Rhine: Teacher and Friend, by Elizabeth A. McMahan; Rhine's Contributions to Experimental Methodology and Standards of Research, by Gertrude R. Schmeidler; Review of J.B. Rhine's ESP Research, by John Palmer; J.B. Rhine and the Study of Psychokinesis, by Diana Robinson; J.B. Rhine and Psi-Missing, by H. Kanthamani; Extra-Sensory Perception and the Research Tradition of Parapsychology, by S.H. Mauskopf and M.R. McVaugh; J.B. Rhine and Post-Mortem Survival: A Reappraisal and Vindication, by C.T.K. Chari; J.B. Rhine on the Nature of Psi, by John Beloff; J.B. Rhine and the History of Ideas, by Brian Inglis; J.B. Rhine and Philosophy, by Frederick C. Dommeyer; The Work of J.B. Rhine: Implications for Religion, by James A. Hall; J.B. Rhine's Impact, by Arthur Koestler; J.B. Rhine and American Psychology: The Three R's of His Limited Impact So Far, by Irvin L. Child; J.B. Rhine and European Parapsychology, by Martin Johnson; J.B. Rhine and Pseudoscience: Some Zetetic Reflections on Parapsychology, by Marcello Truzzi; J.B. Rhine and His Critics, by K. Ramakrishna Rao; The Place of J.B. Rhine in the History of Parapsychology, by Brian Mackenzie. The book closes with a bibliography of works by J.B. Rhine by Farilla A. David and a bibliography of works about J.B. Rhine.
Publisher Information:Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1982. 263p. Bibl by chap; Bibliography of works by J.B. Rhine: 233-255; Bibliography of works about J.B. Rhine: 256; 1 illus; Ind: 257-263
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