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Future Visions: The Unpublished Papers of Abraham Maslow

Hoffman, Edward (Ed.).

 I, and I imagine many others (including Hoffman), have often bemoaned the fact that Maslow died in his early 60s before he could fully develop his new conception of human nature, which in the terms used by the EHE Network, are in effect aimed at living from within the Experiential Paradigm. Psychologist Ed Hoffman has come to the rescue by providing this collection of Maslow’s unpublished papers. Most are not fully developed, but all are provocative and suggest new approaches to being psychology. The book begins with a Foreword by Colin Wilson, who himself wrote a biography of Maslow (New Pathways in Psychology) and a biographical sketch of Maslow written by Hoffman, who also has written a biography of Maslow (The Right to Be Human). The papers are presented in three sections. The first, "Personality, Growth, and Therapy," contains 15 selections, covering such important topics as his "early revelations about culture and personality," a critique of the theory of self-actualization, aesthetic needs, regaining a sense of gratitude, the Jonah complex (fear of growth), and my favorite, "Living in the World of Higher Values." Part II contains 7 papers on Re-Visioning Psychology, including "What is the essence of human nature?" and "Laughter and tears: Psychology’s missing values." The last part has 12 contributions dealing with Management, Organizations, and Social Change. It includes a critique of Esalen, the value of T-groups, and "Defining the American Dream." Also included are 3 letters (to J.B. Rhine, B.F. Skinner, and John D. Rockefeller III).
Publisher Information:Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1996. 220p. Glossary: 203-207; Index: 210-220; 50 refs
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