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A Psychic Explores the Unseen World: My Personal and World Wide Psychic Accounts and Their Application Toward Awakening the Latent Psychic and Higher Mind Powers of the Reader. Other Levels of Consciousness. Evidence for Survival After Death

Sterner, Kay

The author is a well-tested psychic who founded the California Parapsychology Foundation in San Diego in 1957. She is its president and edits its periodical. It also offers public education programs and accredited parapsychology courses in local colleges and universities. This is an autobiographical account in which she chronicles not only her own experiences but those she has investigated. Her investigations have been motivated by the desire to learn how and why psychic events occur. She describes investigations of her abilities in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, India, Egypt, USSR, Brazil, and Europe. Of this book she writes: "This book, then, is the combination of two searches. My search to understand myself and my abilities, and in my search to understand and investigate the types of scientific research being carried out in the field of parapsychology in the United States and around the world. Fortunately, I have been able to serve as a subject in some of these experiments myself. So, I have spent a great deal of my life, so to speak, in two worlds . . . living with a great unseen world, and yet exploring its peripheries as an observer at the same time" (p. xvi).

Part I consists of 9 chapters describing her experiences and those she has investigated, including psychic healing, apparitions, haunts, materialization, psychometry, PK, electronic voice phenomena and other paranormal sounds, direct writing, mediumship, and her suggestions for using psi abilities. Part II is a question and answer section dealing with ESP, PK, ESP in dreams, healing, meditation, materialization, OBEs, psi and the Bible, distorted opinions of the psychic, and hauntings. It also contains a description of empirical research on precognition and psychometry. It closes with a "mini-biography" of Sterner.

Publisher Information:Lemon Grove, CA: California Parapsychology Foundation, 1984. 179p. 1 fig; 6 illus; 1 table
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