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Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind

Peat, F. David

 British quantum physicist David Peat is a colleague of David Bohm. In this work he tries to show the connection between quantum theory and synchronicity and to explore the bridge between mind and matter. Chapter 1, "The Physicist and the Psychologist," explores the notion of synchronicity from a phenomenological viewpoint. He gives some examples and suggests "that they may be evidence of some deeper, universal principle of hidden order" (p. 32). In "The Mechanical Universe," he discusses "how synchronicities can exist in a world that is dominated by causality" (p. 57). He shows how synchronicities can only be accommodated by the view that "everything that happens in our universe is in fact caused by everything else" (p. 58). In "The Living Universe," he describes "how new forms emerge out of a general background and how meaningful patterns are born out of chaos and change" (p. 59). In Chapter 4 he explores the internal structure of patterns "in order to reveal the deeper order that is enfolded within a single moment of time and the causal conjunctions of a person's life" (p. 85). Next, in "Patterns in the Bone," he examines a number of different world views of other cultures and their teachings re synchronicity and divination. Next he examines the relevance of Prigogine's dissipative structures and the theories of Rupert Sheldrake and David Bohm. In "The Creative Source" he shows how synchronicity flows from the basic movement of the universe, and asks why "this process that gives rise to and sustains the whole universe of mind and matter appear to be so unique and unusual that it is experienced only during a synchronicity or a spiritual epiphany?" (p. 211). In the last chapter he proposes that overperception of the basic creativity of the universe has been caused by "a fragmentation in the way the mind has come to perceive the orders of time and the growth of the self with all its attachments" (p. 212).
Publisher Information:New York: Bantam Books, 1987. 245p. Chap notes; 10 illus; Ind: 242-245
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